Juniper Trip Planner
The perfect solution for planning customized trips

Offer your clients to create their dream itinerary with our intuitive trip planner.

The technological platform that will revolutionize the way to book trips on your website

Give your customers the chance to explore their personalized trip planning through an intuitive map

The Juniper Trip Planner module of the Juniper Booking Engine will offer your customers access to a wide range of travel products through a single interface.

With our travel planning solution, your clients can easily create their own itinerary, including flights, hotels and other additional services from the same website. Our intuitive map will allow you to have a global and detailed vision of your trip, including route, dates, nights and added services.

In addition, this interface simplifies the planning, booking and payment of the trip, which will increase the sales of your business.

Discover the advantages of Juniper Trip Planner

How does it work?

Your customers will be able to configure their vacations adapted to their needs

Empower your customers
to plan their trip comfortably

Power your website with the latest technology to plan tailor-made trips

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