Juniper Flights,
elevating flight sales

The ultimate platform for airlines, travel agents and tour operators to manage and distribute flights.

The latest technology for flight booking ​

Give your customers the ability to book flights quickly and easily in your system

Juniper Flights is a module of the Juniper Booking Engine that integrates Lleego content. This transforms flight distribution into a fast, personalized, and efficient process through our Juniper Flights by Lleego division.

Our solution will allow you to distribute flights by offering your customers a complete and easy-to-use booking flow. They will be able to quickly search, choose and customise their flight requirements.

Juniper Flights, the ideal solution for the distribution of:

Discover the benefits of Juniper Flights

Offers a complete booking process

From initial search and booking, to ticketing and change/cancellation management. Our tools make the process seamless.

Allows you to book additional services

Offers premium options such as seat selection, ancillary services, lounge access, and priority boarding for a complete travel experience.

Provide top-notch customer service

Enable quick changes, efficient refunds and hassle-free upgrades to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

Pricing flexibility

Our platform covers all your business pricing needs.

Real-time notifications

Keep your customers informed with instant alerts on flight changes and more.

Multiple secure payment options

Set up multiple payment methods, including credit cards and virtual payments, for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Advanced user management

Easily and efficiently manage agents and operators through our interface.

Global supplier network

Access a wide network of suppliers (GDS, NDC, LCC) using your own IATA. Manage credentials and establish strategic commercial agreements with ease.

Detailed reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) analytics

Analyse valuable information about your operations to make your own business decisions. Information on bookings, sales, flight segments, etc.

Customised rule settings

Define specific rules for redirects, preferences and blacklists for a personalised user experience.

Advanced management tools

Apply service fees, introduce new services, and manage multiple currencies with our suite of advanced tools.

Options for all business models

Offers suitable options for commercialization in various sectors of the tourism industry, including online travel agencies, tour operators, consolidators, and vacation travel agencies.

Juniper Flights, the technology that elevates your flight sales

Transform the way you manage and distribute flights with our innovative platform.

Harness the power of Juniper Flights for exceptional flight management

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