Juniper Cruises
Embark on the most advanced solution for cruise distribution

Offer your customers the Cruise booking in your system through the Juniper Booking Engine and the FIBOS technology of the recently launched Juniper Cruises by IST division already integrated with our platform.

The ultimate technology platform to boost your cruise sales

Offer your customers the chance to enjoy their cruise vacation through your system

Juniper Cruises is the Juniper Booking Engine module that includes the FIBOS content of our Juniper Cruises by IST division, technology designed to boost the cruise industry and which already has more than 30 connected cruise line companies.

Our technology will allow you to distribute FIBOS content offering your customers a complete and easy-to-use booking flow.

With our tool your customers will be able to quickly search, choose and personalize their cruise vacations.

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How does it work?

Your customers will be able to choose their cruise vacations tailored to their needs

Boost cruise sales like never before with the best technology

Sail to success with the latest technology that drives cruise sales

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