Juniper Branch Offices

Revolutionises tourism company management by enabling seamless billing hierarchies across branches

Unlock the potential of your company with Juniper Branch Offices

What is Juniper Branch Offices?

Introducing Juniper Branch Offices (GSA), an innovative extension of our Juniper Booking Engine designed to empower your business in the ever-evolving travel landscape.

Experience maximum control as you establish billing hierarchie, allocate credit limits between the head office and its branches, ensuring smooth financial transactions across your branches.

Configure a fixed commission directly managed by the GSA from the front office, while the agent’s margin is defined for each search and/or saved in their profile, accessible from both the intranet and the front office.

Discover the advantatges of the Juniper Branch Offices module

How does it work?

Juniper Branch Offices

Maximize your network’s potential and ensure customer satisfaction by seamlessly connecting every intermediary, agent, and customer 

Expand your reach and enhance customer service by seamlessly integrating independent intermediaries into your network

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